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Cats No Longer with Us.

Cairo (March 1989 - December 2001)

Cai was definitely a free spirit - one of the Jekyll-Hyde types.  She never hesitated to show the world that if it wanted to deal with her, it would be on her terms.  She loved to go outside, spending most days, Spring through Autumn, exploring her corner of the continent.  Heaven forbid that anyone should keep her inside when she decided to go out.  She'd voice her displeasure in a series or growls, hisses, and a few well-aimed swipes - claws extended, of course (Hyde).  But when she was content, she was the sweetest little thing on four paws (Jekyll).


Juneau (April 1994 - July 2001)

Yucca's granddaughter, Ju was the most timid cat you could ever meet.  Shy of strangers and loud noises, she still enjoyed the outdoors.  She'd disappear for days (and weeks) at a time, haunting the woods (and unfortunate rodents) surronding our house.  When she was home, she'd demand her daily dose of attention by standing on the bathroom sink and rubbing her head against you.